The Coolest, Most Advanced Gadgets You Should Know About


Recently, the biggest brands and a few smaller ones virtually came together to showcase their latest innovations at the annual CES show. Strange devices, innovative and useful technologies have been exhibited and praised. So if you’re looking for some of the coolest and most advanced gadgets you can add to your homes, check out some of the coolest and most advanced tech you can buy this year below.

Otterbox Gaming Accessories

Otterbox has announced a 2021 range of gaming accessories in partnership with Xbox. Known for keeping all your dear shit safe, these Otterbox gaming accessories come with a grippy Xbox controller shell that lets you play safe and an Xbox controller case that lets you carry it around safely. It also comes with a claw that will turn mobile gaming with a controller into a joint ecosystem.

Razer Brooklyn Project

Described as a luxury gaming pod, this next generation gaming chair has a 60 inch retractable OLED screen arc that gives you a panoramic view. You’ll love its ergonomic cushions on the arms and seat, the RGB lighting that illuminates the chair, and the table that you can easily fold up and unfold if you want to go from PC to console. Additionally, Razer comes with an awesome headset and chair that vibrates throughout the game.


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Moorebot Scout

Powered by AI technology, the Morebot Scout is a robot that functions as a stand-alone surveillance camera on wheels to address increased home security concerns and even consumer interest in robot vacuums and machines. baby cameras. These Monster Truck-like tires are more advantageous than any mounted cameras due to their autonomous mobility feature. Instead of those “beware of the dog” signs, you will need something that says “beware of the robot”.

Satechi Dock5 multi-device charging station

People can’t go through a day without holding their phones or gadgets. Because of this idea, owning too many devices will give you the problem of knowing where to charge them when you don’t have enough outlets for those devices. Satechi introduced a new docking station with a Qi wireless charging cradle and two USB-A and USB-C charging ports designed to be as clean as possible. Now you don’t have to worry about wire fires anymore as it is also equipped with overheat protection.


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JBL Tour-Pro + headphones

Despite the thousands of iterations of headphones this year, JBL remains as reliable as the manufacturers of audio hardware. At the annual CES show, JBL unveiled a new Tour line with its truly wireless headphones and a pair of on-ear tips. Plus, they promise adaptive noise cancellation and features that let you use a single button to listen to music or make calls.

LG Transparent OLED TV

The last one we have on this list is LG’s transparent OLED TV. Perfect TV for the bedroom, this 55 inch TV can set up at 40% transparency even when you are watching something. This is hands down the coolest gadget we have on this list.

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