8 points not to be overlooked when giving lingerie to your brand new friend!


How to choose lingerie for your girlfriend without being mistaken?

Lingerie can be provocative or reserved, practical or not, romantic… If it is a choice of gift, it must be appropriate. In France, there are hundreds of online stores of cheap sexy lingerie saleHere are some ideas for you to choose lingerie for your girlfriend.

1 – Know your size before going shopping.

If your relationship is too recent for you to know the size of her bra and panties, at least get her dress size. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, start by looking at her bra size (usually located on the tag on the back of the binding). Look for other size clues in her clothes. Write everything you find as sizes. As you know they are varied, we can find S / M, 10, L and so on.

2 – Choose underwear or nightwear

Some lingerie are meant to be worn as underwear while others are meant to be worn in bed, either for sleeping or making love. Panties and bras fall into two categories. Negligee and babydolls are generally nightwear. A shirt can be worn to sleep or used as an underwear cover.

3 – Focus on your best assets

If she has beautiful breasts, a bra diving will focus on them. If she has long legs, try panties with a high cut or sheer low hip and a garter belt.

4 – pay attention to the parts of the body

If she thinks she has a big butt, then she won’t be comfortable wearing a thong. Likewise, don’t buy a tight cropped camisole if she thinks she has a big belly.

5 – Choose the colors according to what is best for her and mainly her favorite colors

She might like pastel flower colors, colorful patterns, or solid satin or lace colors.

6 – Remember that the lingerie is comfortable and that she wears them without being embarrassed in front of you

While she can wear them for you, she wants to wear them for herself as well. You don’t want to buy something that will end up sitting in the drawer.

7 – Ask her close friends

If she’s the shy type then you might want to choose something that isn’t too revealing so that she doesn’t feel exposed!

8 – Ask the sales staff for the items that can be returned if it does not correspond

Keep in mind that panties are generally not returnable. If in doubt, go with a smaller size. This way your girlfriend can return the items later and get a bigger size.

Last advice before embarking on the purchase of sexy lingerie on the net:

– If your friend is tall, you can look at pictures online to make a decision for yourself on what kind of lingerie you think is best suited to her shape.
– Do not buy lingerie for your girlfriend if your relationship is recent. This can be easily misinterpreted. Keep your lingerie gift on until your girlfriend is comfortable enough with you.
– Black and white are reliable colors with a slimming effect.

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