How to choose your essential oil diffuser?


Essential oils are full of resources to do yourself good on a daily basis: anti-stress, digestive, promoting sleep or concentration, soothing, purifying … And provided you choose the correct method of diffusion, they can bring you their benefits everywhere : at home, in the car or at work. But for that, you first have to choose the right diffuser.

Think about your needs

Before you buy your diffuser, you need to think about your needs. Would you like to create a relaxing atmosphere at home? Individually enjoy the benefits of essential oils? Enjoy a soothing bubble at the office? Or maybe you need a diffuser that follows you everywhere?

Diffusers are precise devices, designed for specific uses. By knowing what use you want to make of it, you can easily choose the diffuser that will give you satisfaction.

Relaxing atmosphere at home

There is no shortage of diffusers for the home. Often very powerful, they can diffuse on more or less large surfaces. So check for which surface a diffuser is recommended in order to make your choice according to the size of your room.

There are two categories of home diffusers: nebulization diffusers and mist diffusers. The nebulization diffusers perfectly restore the benefits of plants. The essential oil is neither heated nor altered, it therefore retains all its properties and brings you its benefits. These diffusers are perfect for those looking for a very efficient mode of diffusion, while enjoying a device that is easy to use and maintain.

Diffusers by misting offer a less intense diffusion but allow you to enjoy an aesthetic and soothing mist. This light mist is not sufficient to increase the humidity level in the room, but it does create a completely relaxing atmosphere at home. These models are ideal for those who want to create a cocoon of tranquility in their living room.

Some broadcasters also offer options to put together a tailor-made relaxation program: a color scheme, an MP3 socket to listen to your favorite music or even sounds of nature.

Practical diffusers / Nomadic diffusers

If you don’t want to invest in a traditional diffuser or you are not yet sure what you will use it for, the right option is to take a portable diffuser. Battery operated or plugged into a standard electrical outlet, these diffusers are compact in size that adapt very easily to your home. You can easily change rooms as you wish: in the living room, bathroom, bedroom … A good way to enjoy the virtues of essential oils at your own pace, without the slightest constraint.

The stones to diffuse: the joker for essential oils

In some cases, you don’t need a device: one stone is enough to diffuse essential oils. Practical for very small surfaces, these special stones make it possible to benefit from the virtues of essential oils in a very targeted way. If you have the nose taken for example, a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a stone placed on your bedside table will allow you to have a good night’s sleep. Likewise, in the bathroom, the stone to diffuse is ideal for restoring a sweet scent of orange or lemon, perfect for refreshing the atmosphere of the room.

Appeasement in the office

Several essential oils are known for their anti-stress virtues: bergamot, Roman chamomile, rose geranium, exotic verbena, vetiver … To enjoy these benefits when you are at the office, nothing beats a diffuser operating on a USB socket . Designed to be compact, these diffusers simply plug in and sit on your desk. Their relatively low power output is specially designed for tight spaces: you are sure not to interfere with your colleagues! Thanks to this very clever device, you can choose your favorite essential oil or opt for a special anti-stress synergy that will bring you calm and appeasement.

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