A plancha: the original gift


Of course, summer is well and truly over and it is not time for outdoor meals.

However, in anticipation of this summer, offering a plancha could well be the idea that will satisfy everyone.

But first what is a plancha? For many, the plancha is loosely a barbecue. Nay !!! The plancha is quite another thing. Arriving straight from Spain, the gas plancha has invaded our terraces and balconies precisely because it is not a barbecue.

First and foremost, the plancha allows you to cook everything, meat, fish, vegetables, shellfish and fruit. By immediately grabbing the food, the plancha retains all of their flavor, the juices remaining trapped. Requiring no fat, let alone embers, the flavors are intact and unchanged.

The plancha is ultra-fast to implement, in less than 10 minutes, the baking sheet is at 270/300 degrees. Forget the expectations in front of a BBQ still full of flames or in front of barely hot embers …

The plancha is also super-fast to clean. Once you get the hang of it, the baking sheet is ready for the next time in less than 2 minutes with a simple de-icing. Gas BBQ users will appreciate the tour de force, as they spend more time cleaning their appliance than using it …

After that, it remains to know how to choose the plancha that suits you best. There are various materials for the cooking plate (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, enamelled cast iron, enamelled steel) and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, the size of the plate is important depending on the number of guests you generally have around the table. No need to take an 80 cm plancha if you are still in love and conversely, a 50 plate will reach its limits if you have a football team to feed on Sunday noon …

The sites on the internet offer a wide range of models, many articles to help you choose and a directory of 100 groin recipes created by the best French chefs specializing in plancha.

So as Christmas arrives, that summer is not so far away, that you are surely in lack of gift ideas and that the whole family will benefit from the purchase, do not miss out on such a bargain: Offer a plancha! !!

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