Sausage slicer – guillotine your aperitif


The sausage guillotine is a particularly ingenious accessory during the aperitif.

Indeed the sausage guillotine allows you to have a good aperitif sausage time without the constraint of the preparation.

The aperitif slicer allows you to cut any sausage quickly, precisely and safely. With just a few back and forth movements with the guillotine, you quickly slice all types of dry and very dry sausages. Cutting is fast and precise. It cuts to the desired size, as thin or wide as you want.

Forget the drudgery of the knife to cut the sausage

Forget the drudgery of the knife with which you really have to hold the sausage strongly so that it does not escape and / or you have to force the blade of the knife. The blade of the sausage guillotine has such an inclination and cutting precision that this preparation has become child’s play. No need to take out a cutting board, the slicer has everything you need.

Of course quality

This sausage guillotine is made only of wood and stainless steel (for the blade). It is assembled by hand by French craftsmen in Corsica. The natural character of this aperitif accessory, respects the nature of the marcaires and artisanal foods, of the products resulting from the soil. It will undoubtedly be the star of the aperitif and will amuse your guests a lot, everyone will want to try it. It is a gourmet way to make a friendly and attractive aperitif at the same time. Combine fun and practice at the same time.

A few stories about the dry sausage slicer.

This guillotine is assembled by a craft company. Located in France, in Corsica more precisely, this sausage slicer is assembled by hand. This French company is very attached to its values ​​of quality products. This guillotine, it is more than 20 years of modification to arrive at a result and a quality which makes proud this company of the name of LE BERGER. This allows them to guarantee this guillotine a 2-year warranty.

This is the opportunity to discover and make discover the sausage guillotine for Christmas.

The French heritage is rich in knowledge and know-how in the production of artisanal sausages such as donkey, wild boar, goat, duck and game sausages and many others. The sausage guillotine is the ideal accessory to give gifts to your loved ones, or to organize a gourmet charcuterie aperitif during the end of the year celebrations.


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