Keep Your Mind At Peace With The Chi Pendant


Today’s world is ruled by electronic gadgets and with everyone moving to a hi-tech lifestyle, more and more new gadgets are being introduced. While people use it to make life easier, the saddest thing is that the electro-pollution caused by these gadgets puts your life in danger. Electro-pollution causes a range of conditions from a headache and a flu-like sensation to fatigue, chronic depression and, in some extreme cases, much worse.

Studies also show that electro-pollution can drain your energy easily. In this day and age, when the job becomes too demanding and can suck the life out of you, the excessive use of gadgets can make matters worse. The gadgets that are designed to make life easier are the greatest energy zappers. Are you tired of trying to do everything to stay focused and stave off the crisis? If so, then QNet has a solution for you with their Chi Pendant.

Chi Pendant, a Revolutionary Energy Boosting Product

This is a mineral based pendant that is produced using thermal shock resistant glass which has a smooth positive energy field. The seven circles of energy that this pendant carries is what increases energy levels faster and more efficiently and will build your resilience and resistance to the effects of fatigue and mental stress. Studies also reveal that the Chi Pendant protects users from electromagnetic fields in their environment or e-smog. The positive energy of the pendant neutralizes the negative effects of e-smog and restores a feeling of calm and well-being.

How Will The Chi Pendant Increase Energy Levels?

People who use the Chi Pendant will benefit from better harmony and energy levels and this means that you are now going to be able to cope with long working hours in a better way. The pendant absorbs thermal energy and instantly transforms into 8-14 wavelengths of bio-energy which in turn will stimulate the molecular activity of water in the organs of the body thus benefiting the metabolic functions, by uplifting the circulatory system of the blood, stimulating brain and thought processes and generally helping the user to achieve holistic well-being.

To get the full benefit of the suspension, the suspension should be placed on a rope and worn around the neck. The length of the string should be adjusted so that the pendant hangs in the sternum position. Children under the age of nine as well as pregnant women are strictly prohibited from wearing the Chi Pendant. Women during their menstrual cycle should not wear the pendant, as female hormones can become more pedantic during this time. Although the appearance of each part may vary due to the complex manufacturing process, the feel good property cannot be compromised in any way. Alternatively, you can also try their Bio Disc 2, which is also an innovative energy activator.

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