The steam cleaner for ecological cleaning


The steam cleaner is used more and more by individuals, professionals and industrialists. It is an ecological device that eliminates the use of detergents and toxic solvents used for many years to clean and disinfect, a steam cleaner consumes very little water and produces almost no effluents, thus limiting discharges to the sewer or spreading.

It offers unique advantages in terms of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and materials thanks to its mode of action:

The temperature and low humidity allow to loosen dirt, disinfect the surface, renovate without chemical aggression.

Remarkable efficiency thanks to the heat on greasy dirt, yeasts, molds, bacteria, viruses.

There are two main families of steam cleaners:

  • The household steam cleaner, available in all consumer distribution networks.

These simple devices display various performances, from 2 to 5 bars and on average 100 to 120 ° in the boiler.

the water filling for steam production is done either directly in the boiler closed by a safety cap, or for more high-end devices, via an independent tank which supplies the boiler with water by means of ‘a pump triggered by a level probe.

The reliability and efficiency of household steamers is extremely varied and depends on the design and quality of the technical components.Generally it is found that these devices are fragile when used for more than 2 hours in heating and they produce a humid vapor that condenses quickly and soaks surfaces and materials.

  • The professional steam cleaner, offered by networks of dedicated distributors or manufacturers:

Professional steam cleaning devices are more and more used in medical, collective, administration, craftsmen, traders, cleaning companies.

The power characteristics are beyond 6 bars and 150 ° in boiler temperature, producing a dry steam with a humidity rate lower than 10%.

The structure of professional devices is either plastic for uses of less than three hours in a work sequence, or all stainless steel for intensive operations of more than 3 hours or continuously.

The water supply is necessarily unlimited thanks to a tank or even with a connection to the network.

the majority of the uses are in tension 220 volts in 16 amps with resistances in boiler which go from 2000 Watts to 3500 Watts according to the models.

In industry we often find steam cleaners operating at 380 Volts with boiler power from 4500 Watts to 36000 Watts.

Coupled with an efficient suction system, it turns into a steam vacuum cleaner and allows injection-extraction operations, particularly on textile surfaces, thus considerably reducing drying time. This device is ideal for hotels and places of accommodation for cleaning and disinfecting bedding, textile floors but also smooth surfaces, sanitary facilities.

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